A Deal with the Devil – John Kerry Gave Iran Secret Info on Israel…Caught on Tape

The unprecedented number of illegal aliens streaming across the border based on Biden’s policies are being spread around the US using quietly secret methods.  As officials have witnessed busloads of illegals dropped in their cities it caused Republican lawmakers to demand transparency as to where countless illegals are being placed.

The Democrat governor of Washington signed legislation banning state schools from using Native American names.  If tribes give permission schools may continue to use current mascots.  Without permission, schools will have to contend with the cost of changing mascots.

Forensic experts confirmed they are examining thousands of ballots cast in November as part of the audit in Arizona.  They are focusing on irregularities during the presidential election.



U.S. President Joe Biden announces new economic sanctions against the Russia government from the East Room of the White House on April 15, 2021 in Washington, DC.

Biden Admin Changes School Classes to Cause Discrimination & Change History in Leftist Agenda


A Decade High for Import/Export Prices

The Debate:  Who’s Better?  Russian or US Fighter Jets?

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