Australian Military Reminded Their Job is Defense and Violence – Not Woke Social Justice

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gave a ‘kinda no’ when asked about packing the Supreme Court.  But she also wouldn’t commit to ruling it out in future congressional actions.

After citizens in Japan overwhelmingly voiced their opposition to the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics it seems they were not heard.  The Olympic Committee stated that the games will kick off on July 23rd as originally scheduled.

President Biden tapped vice president Kamala Harris to lead the task force to handle the crisis at the US-Mexico border.  Harris has yet to even visit the border, nor does she intend to, but she does have an agenda to travel to other countries.



UNSPECIFIED LOCATION AND DATE: (EDITORS NOTE: Best quality available) In this handout provided by Ramsey County Sheriff's Office, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin poses for a mugshot after being charged in the death of George Floyd . Bail for Chauvin, who is charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter, is set at $500,000. The death sparked riots and protests in cities throughout the country after Floyd, a black man, was killed in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25. (Photo by Ramsey County Sheriff's Office via Getty Images)

CNN Director Caught on Tape – We Push BLM and Showcase Issues if Suspect is White


Dangerous Radioactive Robbery of Truck Sparks Fears


SpaceX is a Satellite Delivering Machine!

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