The 4 Year Campaign of Nonstop Anti-Trump Propaganda

A woman in Australia is now in big trouble for making up her prognosis of cancer and her short time to live.  After receiving over $100k in donations to purchase drugs and take vacations.

Israeli embassies around the world are on high alert after the supreme leader of Iran has vowed to strike back over the killing of Iran’s top nuclear weapons scientist.

Antifa punks celebrated Thanksgiving by smashing business windows and spray painting lewd remarks about the holiday.  Arrests have been made over the actions but will the liberal DA just let this group walk free as well? 



Midsection Of Woman Carrying Tray With Roast Turkey In Kitchen

Having a “Turkey Funeral” to Avoid COVID-19 Restrictions


Watch This F-35 Stealth Fighter Drop A Nuclear Bomb During ...

 The F-35 Practiced Dropping a Mock Nuclear Bomb

Mike Tyson Did What Before the Roy Jones Fight?!

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