Troop Withdrawal Announced for Iraq

In Buffalo, NY city leaders have approved a move to make former president Millard Fillmore’s name disappear from property owned by the city.

The ‘Visa Lottery’ has been forcefully reopened by an Obama appointed federal judge.  The ‘Lottery’ randomly hands out around 55,000 visas to foreigners. 

Biden mum on black lives matter protestors marching through Pittsburgh, harassing elderly diners and even taking food and drinking beer of their tables.



RAMADI, IRAQ - JANUARY 15: A fellow soldier honors slain U.S. Army PFC Ming Sun, age 20 and a naturalized American citizen, at a memorial ceremony January 15, 2007 in Ramadi in Iraq's Anbar province. Sun was shot and killed by an insurgent sniper on January 9, 2007 while on combat operations with his unit from A Company 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment in Sufia, east of Ramadi. Sun was born in China and became an American citizen after moving to the United States with his family in 1996. U.S. forces and insurgents battle daily in the Ramadi area, which has some of the highest American casualty rates of the war. (Photo by

Trump’s Plan to Withdraw 2,200 Troops from Iraq


NATO jump | U.S. Soldiers and Airmen, as well as soldiers ...

Massive NATO Paratrooper Exercise 

Facebook engineer quits, accusing company of “profiting ...

Facebook Engineer Resigns, “Company Profiting of Hate”

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