Is the Herd Immunity Working on COVID?

CNN Has had a Target on the CEO’s Back for MyPillow Ever Since he Made a Statement with President Trump at a Press Conference.  The Latest is Anderson Cooper Calling him a ‘Snake Oil Salesman’ on his Show Along with Other Unflattering Terms 

It’s Possible that ‘Herd Immunity’ may be Making a Big Impact on COVID-19 in Miami.  The Virus Seems to be Slowing in one of the Most Concentrated Outbreak Areas of the Country

Democrat Run Cities are Going to Regret Their Actions.  San Francisco is the Latest Liberal City Experiencing a Large Departure of Police Officers.



Jeffrey Epstein Bill Clinton

Pictures Emerge of Bill Clinton Getting a Massage from Epstein Accuser


 Baltimore Republican Stuns in Campaign Ad – Black People Don’t Have to Vote Democrat

 Trump Very Unhappy with Treatment of Christians in Middle East

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